Upcoming Retreats in Jamaica and Tobago

Come experience a new authentic expression of who you are in a place where love and compassion grow.


Living the Rhythm of Your Own Truth

Long Beach, Jamaica

March 7-13, 2020

Connect to The Rhythm of the Caribbean Home Style

Castara, Tobago

Jan 25-Feb 1, 2020

  • Jennifer is a gentle soul, affirming and sensitive to the needs of her class. She creates a warm and welcoming environment, offering support and encouragement as she leads participants through contemplative movement, poses and meditation—allowing time for them to assess their body’s response as they engage in each pose and moving towards acceptance of the body’s message. Jennifer has a natural gift for guiding her class through positive body-mind experiences with her assured, calming, and well attuned voice. She is a committed teacher, mentor, and student, which is reflected in the pleasure she appears to gain from participating in and leading groups in body-mind experiences. It is a pleasure working with her."
    — Elaine K., Boston, MA (October 2015)
  • Jen's class was just the right pace for me—she guided me through each sequence, and the class flowed nicely. I had plenty of options, as there are several moves that are difficult for me due to arthritis. The class was fun and relaxing, and I left feeling 100 percent better emotionally and physically.
    — Betsy B., Jericho, Vermont
  • This retreat has been a gift to myself—to "empty my cup"—so that I can go forth and create change for the better in my world. A trip with meaning—awesome ocean retreat with lasting meaning. In a world that seems like we are losing touch with connection—not spending enough time together—this retreat reminds us that we are interdependent. We need each other!
    — Anonymous
  • I loved laughing in the ocean bubbles with other yogis. The resort was beautiful and accommodating to my dietary needs. I love dancing with all these women.
    — Robin S., Waterbury, VT
  • I loved our Retreat in San Pancho at Mar De Jade. I loved doing yoga with a view and sounds of the ocean. I really enjoyed the introspective part of finding ways to deepen our yoga and meditation practice. Indy is a beautiful and inspiring teacher. She inspired me to deepen my meditation practice. Jen is well organized and did a great job in putting a great group of women together.
    — Gail C., Duxbury, MA
  • What a wondrous and nurturing experience you created for our group of lovely women! I am so thrilled to have shared this experience and to have met you. Jen (Jayalila), you have a gift and the knowledge of promoting wellness, drawing out the strengths and passions of others and providing an environment that soothes the soul. We were all connected like family within such a short period of time. Wow! For this I thank you. To be a witness to all the different relationships and share the experiences and make more memories to share is what makes life so rich. I returned home feeling as though I had now left some family behind but know I will rekindle that in days to come. I loved Akumal and thought it was an ideal setting for the trip. I hope you know how much we all adored you and the energy you brought to the group. Indy was nothing less than a Goddess and truth, a wonderful guide down the path of yoga.
    — Sandy H., Kennett Square, PA
  • Jen was very welcoming and reassuring from the start. She led us through gentle movements and poses while she consistently offered us verbal cues and questions to encourage us to focus and accept our whole experience in that present moment. I especially liked that she made room for tension and relaxation, clarity and mystery, striving and being, and said that there was room for all of it.
    — Cary F., Moretown, VT
  • In 2011, I went on a yoga retreat to Mexico led by Jennifer Degen. Going on this retreat was a way to reconnect with my sanity and health. Since this first connection, I have kept a weekly yoga practice. I have since travelled twice with Jayalila to Mexico, and this year we went to Costa Rica. Jennifer Degen has inspired me and created an authentic retreat experience which has allowed me to reconnect with my innate wisdom, strength, and self. I am looking forward to another retreat to Guatemala led by Jennifer Degen in January 2016. I could go on about the many experiences and friendships that developed during our yoga retreats, new capabilities, a new personal mantra, new perspectives, and new approaches to everything.
    — Bernadette A., Princeton, NJ
  • Jen is an empowered educator. Jen provides a safe, nurturing, class environment. The theme-based classes provide students an opportunity to embody mindfulness, peace, and calming techniques in class that will be incorporated into their daily lives. Experiencing Jen's classes can be truly life-changing.
    — Sheryl P., Warren, VT

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