Mika Fly is returning to teach for Jayalila Retreats - Here is her Love of Yoga Story

My life in Mexico?


I was born in the Sonoran Desert in a small town called Ciudad Obregon ,Sonora. At the age of 3 we moved to Mexico City where I lived with my parents until their divorce when I was 7.  My Father got custody of me and my two brothers and the rest of my childhood was spent living between Europe and the USA. My dad remarried 3 more times and each wife was from a different country.  Between Italy, France, Spain, England, California, Washington DC and Washington State, I journeyed through my childhood.

At the age of 14 I was sent to live in San Juan , Puerto Rico with my Birth mother which is where I finished High School.  In my late teens I returned to Mexico City where I was discovered as a Fashion Model and I continued to travel the world playing the adventure of Fashion and Glamour..  While living in Ibiza, Spain I was invited to St Tropez, Cote D'Azur for the weekend and was met with an unfortunate accident. I crashed on a motorcycle with no helmet and was paralyzed and unable to move for a long time to come.

With a distorted purple face, a neck brace and crutches I met my first love..YOGA...I met the Yoga/Meditation Guru who changed my life in the old part of town of this magical Island.I had practiced since I was 5 with my mother who loved to do Asanas but on this little Island in the Mediterraneanis where Yoga took me by the hand and guided me in this long and wonderful journey of healing and transformation. I could not move my body then, so I would sit in meditation, prayer and affirmations , directing the PRANA (life force) up and down my spine until one day I began to see my pinky move and then each finger consequentially.

The Universe had a plan for me. To become a Yoga instructor! Little did I know at the time yet as I look back I see the messages ,the circumstances and the amazing opportunities that the world has offered me. I am eternally GRATEFUL...

After my slow recovery I moved to Florence where I lived for a few fantastic years until my Soul started nudging me to return to my ROOTS. And so I returned to America with the intention of moving to South Beach, Miami. Making a quick stop to see my long lost family, I spent a wonderful vacation in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. This is where I had my huge Spiritual Awakening.

Walking in the jungle of Yelapa ( this was in the 90s when Yelapa had no electricity, no TVS, no internet. It was PARADISE!) It was an unforgettable trip and a revelation of such truth and confirmation of the presence of a higher power and the message of my responsibility in this life time to carry out the mission of Serving, Healing and Being OK with being myself!

I did end up moving to Miami which is where I met Ashtanga Teaching and wonderful Instructors along the way. I taught there for the years to come, until getting married and having my beloved twins, who I chose to birth and raise in my Mother Country. Mexico lindo..They were born in San Miguel de Allende and then we moved to Valle de Bravo. Raising children in Mexico is luxury.  Its the perfect environment for a healthy, love filled lifestyle. Children and Seniors are so very respected in my country.

When the twins turned 10 we moved to the coast. We lived in San Pancho, Sayulita and Bucerias for a few years while I worked at gorgeous resorts teaching Yoga.  Imanta, Four Seasons, Tailwind Lodge, and other magnificent settings. 

We now reside in the desert of Tucson. Not by choice but by accident did we land in this remote part of the world. For me, another reminder that there is a higher power orchestrating my moves, my growth and my journey.

Where is my heart? My HEART is where my SPIRIT resides.  Those things that make my heart beat and soar are LOVE, COMMUNITY, SHARING, SITTING IN SILENCE WITH SPIRIT






My heart rejoices when I sing and praise this magnificent life. My heart rejoices when I have " AHA moments" of awareness.


My heart is happiest when I am teaching Yoga, and holding the space for my students to feel deep withing. My heart is happy


when I am doing the service I came to BE.. A TEACHER, A MOTHER, A FRIEND, A GODDESS OF LOVE AND TRUTH.