Learnings From Ayurveda

Yoga is a science of holistic wellness. Ayurveda is its sister.  It is amazing to me how simply put these two practices go together, and how much we have complicated yoga and health.  As a mind body psychotherapist I see so many clients who are coming in to find peace and harmony in their lives. They desire integration and alignment with who they used to be, and have lost their way somewhere along the line.  I love the support that Ayurveda gives us in helping us see the natural rhythms of the seasons, the moon cycles, and helps us tune into our own circadian rhythms.  When we lose our way in media, eating off times, and get energetically too hot there is a practice to help us hone back in to support our natural body functions and temperament.  Hot personalities who struggle with over heating can be calmed by drinking watermelon juice.  Anxious cold types can be soothed by eating warming foods to calm the nervous system.  Rising with the sun and preparing for sleep before the sun goes down, and slowing down the mind, are simple practices that Ayurveda teaches us.