Liability Waiver

Emergencies and Health Issues
Jayalila Retreats is in no way responsible for participant’s health during their travel or stay at Villa Sumaya Retreat center.  In the event of emergency we will assist clients to the fullest means possible, but assume no responsibility for outcomes.

Jayalila Retreats assumes no responsibility for theft or loss of valuables in rooms or on hotel grounds.  Villa Sumaya has an office safe and locked boxes in the rooms available for valuables.
Grounds and Facilities
Villa Sumaya agrees to maintain the rooms, temple and grounds in working order.  In the event of a malfunction, our maintenance team will respond to the issue in a timely manner (same day).

Travel, Weather or Other Natural Disasters
Villa Sumaya  will do its best to maintain all services and keep our guests safe during times of severe weather or during a natural disaster. We do have back-up plans and are prepared to make our guests as comfortable as possible. However, we do not take responsibility or offer discounts in the event of a power outage or an evacuation due to weather or natural disasters.   We also do not discount for travel delays.  We do suggest travel insurance to cover those possible losses.

Yoga and Mindfulness Practices
I, the undersigned customer/client as signed below, voluntarily makes and grants this WAIVER and ASSUMPTION of RISK in favor of Jayalilaretreats. I do hereby waive and release any and all claims whether in contract or of personal injury, bodily injury, property damage, damages, losses and/or death that may arise from my participation and receipt of yoga services and use of facilities. I understand and recognize that there are certain risks connected with such physical activities and services, which I hereby acknowledge. I further agree to use my best judgment in undertaking these activities and services and to adhere to all safety instructions and recommendations, whether oral or written. I hereby certify that I am a competent adult assuming these risks of my own free will, being under no compulsion or duress. 

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