Sara, Indy, Jen and Sandy in Tulum 2017 Women's Retreat

Sara, Indy, Jen and Sandy in Tulum 2017 Women's Retreat

LARA DARROW RYT, MA, RSMT:  Lara teaches an all levels, safe, relaxing and inspiring experience of yoga that supports overall wellbeing. Her focus on the physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual levels of experience provide a nourishing and integrative contemplative practice that will help you to feel more fulfilled, self-loving and in tune with your true self. 

Lara focuses on mindfulness, self-compassion, stress-reduction, core strength, balance and flexibility. She is a registered yoga teacher with 12 years of experience. 

Lara’s Training includes:  Registered Somatic Movement Therapist, International Somatic Movement Education & Therapy Association;   Somatic Expressive Therapy Training Levin Institute for Expressive Movement; Sivananda Yoga Teacher Training Trivandrum, KA, India; Yoga Dance Teacher       Training; Yoga Adjustments Teacher Training Kripalu Stockbridge, MA.


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SANDY HAYES RYT  has practiced yoga for 15 years and taught for the past nine years. Sandy’s knowledge is broad based and her formal education was in the allied health sciences. She has ventured out on 5 of our retreats and finds retreating from the modern world and putting away our gadgets has profound benefits. “When I retreat it is a time and an opportunity to come home to a place I remember not in my head but in my heart, I get to be with me.”

Sandy’s playful and vivacious personality is a warm welcoming to those who are newer to yoga and struggling with getting comfortable on the mat.  Sandy’s teaching skills meet all levels of students. She knows there is a style or approach to yoga for everybody.  Sandy is passionate about making yoga a life skill that won’t be discarded with the passing of time and aging of the human body. Working with students to gain self awareness, sense their own intuition, grow more confident on and off the mat are just a few wonderful benefits through practice. 

Raised on a vegetable crop and dairy farm in southern Vermont prepared her well for raising four sons in Kennett Square Pennsylvania. She considers herself a student of life which has only been strengthened by the traditions of yoga.  Watching life happen and embracing all that comes with change creates endless opportunities to practice acceptance, love and peace.

Troy Hadeed Born on the island of Trinidad & Tobago, Troy Hadeed teaches, practices, and lives yoga to the best of his ability on his home island.  He aspires to aid his students on their journey of self-realization and empowerment through breath, alignment, fun, and the courage to go deeper. Believing that our practice on the mat is a direct representation of our daily lives in every way, Hadeed has been trying to live yoga long before he was ever introduced to the asana practice.

Originally trained as a Moksha yoga teacher under the guidance of Ted Grand and Jess Robertson, Troy Hadeed has since studied with Ryan Leier, Baron Baptiste, Seane Corn, and Eugene & Jesse Poku. In an effort to change the world, he has brought his dedication and focus onto his mat and into his teaching. Whether a simple beginners practice, foundations, or intense advanced transitions, Hadeed aims to offer his students an avenue to connect with mindfulness, their body, the GOD of their own understanding, & LOVE.

Troy Hadeed he encourages practitioners to begin with themselves, on their mat. How can we have a world that is at peace and harmony if the individuals that make up that world cannot find that within themselves. Through the cultivation of relationship and mindfulness we eventually come to realize the Sacred and Divine in everything, beginning with Self.

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Troy Hadeed

Open Heart, spirit, love