Mind/Body Practices apply the power of Mindfulness, Insight, and Embodied Awareness to inform our life path.

I envision that through support, witness, and practice all individuals can experience awareness, acceptance and profound change. A positive state of mind (mindset) is acquired through knowing where to place our attention and what to practice.  Where we place our efforts has a profound impact on our lives. Our practice has a way of informing the shifts that we make to become or best selves.

Mindfulness/Meditation practices are key pathways to positive states of mind and behavior.  Applying the practice of mindfulness will support my clients in making healthy lifestyle changes as well as improving performance in life, work, health and sport.  I will help my client’s cultivate caring, insight and courage within themselves, to forge new ways of thinking, and ultimately new learning.


My mission is to provide an authentic, life-changing experience for individuals who seek to deepen their relationships with themselves, each other, and their life purpose.

Each mind body psychotherapy session will begin with movement for at least 5-10 minutes.  This will be followed by a short meditation and intention setting. From a place of discernment, the next hour will be mindfulness based counseling supporting your goals/intentions. 

Our Practitioners

As a Mind/Body Psychotherapist I am passionately committed to helping others learn, grow and heal through the simple power of paying attention to the inherent wisdom of their own bodies and minds. I offer individual therapy, one-to-one mindfulness training, therapeutic yoga sequence classes, and customized combinations with the intention of providing safe, supportive space for insight, change and transformation.

My work is informed by long-term mindfulness, meditation and yoga practice in addition to ongoing study of Western Psychology, Budhist Psychology practices. I practice in Hardwick, Vermont at Wellspring on Wednesdays and Thursdays.  By appointment in Waitsfield, Vermont. Email for an appointment at jennifer@bsca-vt.com

I have been running yoga/meditation retreats for women in Mexico, Costa Rica, Italy, Tobago, Nicaragua and Guatemala for the past 8 years. I appreciate the process of witnessing the individual experience profound shifts through the practice of yoga/meditation/mindfulness or other embodied practices. It is through travel, curiosity, cross cultural experiences, and adventure that we find ourselves facing new parts of ourselves and ways of being that are different than our every day lives.