Life can become busy, surprise us with unexpected stress, and cause us to get stuck in unhealthy routines. Modern life rarely gives us time to stop, breathe, relax, and look inward. A yoga retreat is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to step aside from your everyday life, jet away to an exotic location, and reconnect with yourself and the world around you. The beauty of retreating is that you don’t need to be a seasoned yogi to experience the full benefits of time away–it’s more about the journey than what you actually do on the yoga mat.

Retreats are an opportunity to explore the world, recharge your battery, and tune into what is most precious— you. Jayalila Retreats provide experiences that will nurture your mind, body, and soul. Our yogis past report they are transformative!
Each of our retreats is eco-chic, and participants can choose from a variety of rooms. Many people seek out yoga retreats because they know that the philosophy and lifestyle will be consistent with their values and what they are looking for during their time off. 

Tobago/Italy/Mexico/Costa Rica
A yoga retreat is an amazing way to explore a place you’ve always wanted to travel to while staying true to your practices. Many participants in our yoga retreat in Italy came because they’ve always dreamed of seeing this part of the world, and they stumble on Jayalila Retreats while searching for yoga retreats in Tuscany! Others like to explore many places that are consistent with where we travel.

Q: What types of teachers lead the retreats?
A: Jayalila spends time getting to know the teachers that join our retreats. Each has her own spiritual practice and is a seasoned meditator living a yoga lifestyle. Mindfulness-based practices in the body are what set us apart from many other retreats.


Payment Policy

After a confirmation has been emailed to you, a courtesy hold requires payment within 3 working days to secure your reservation. 


Cancellation is defined as not attending your scheduled retreat, which includes postponing or rescheduling it. Please read and understand our cancellation policy before making a reservation. Naturally, noone books with the intention of canceling or postponing their retreat, but unexpected things occasionally happen, all retreats we require you purchase some form of travel cancellation insurance.

Travel Cancellation Insurance

Depending on the policy you purchase and its conditions, travel cancellation insurance will pay for some or all cancellation fees. With most agencies, insurance must be purchased within 14 days of making your reservation. We strongly recommend purchasing cancellation insurance through your travel agent or visiting the following website to compare insurers:

Guest Cancellation Policy

Jayalila Retreats does not offer cash/check or credit card refunds for any reason. A portion of your payment may be used as credit toward another retreat within two years of your original retreat date. Alternatively, I will gladly transfer your credit to another guest and work with you to help find a replacement.

Depending on when you cancel, cancellation fees may apply. Fees are determined by the following schedule:

  • If you cancel more than 90 days before your retreat start date, 100% of your payment may be applied to another retreat.
  • If you cancel 60–89 days before your retreat start date, 75% of your payment may be applied to another retreat. You will forfeit 25% of the price of your retreat.
  • If you cancel 15–59 days before your retreat start date, 40% of your payment may be applied to another retreat. You will forfeit 60% of the price of your retreat.
  • If you cancel 14 days or less before your retreat start date, you will forfeit your payment.

Retreat Cancellation Policy

While we have never cancelled a retreat to date, if we must cancel or change a scheduled retreat date for any reason, you may transfer your full retreat payment to another retreat, or you may request a refund of your payments to us, constituting a full settlement. Jayalila Retreats is not responsible for client expenses such as airline tickets incurred in preparation for a canceled retreat.

Q: Can I go alone?
A: Many of our retreaters travel with us solo. A yoga retreat is the perfect way to have an individual experience while being supported by community. Traveling to a new country alone can be challenging, but traveling with a group of people who share similar interests offers camaraderie and support. Our retreats are designed for you to take as much time by yourself as you want while also furnishing you rich opportunities to connect with amazing people. One of the great joys of traveling is connecting with like-minded people. Many of our travelers stay in touch long after the retreat is over.

Yoga and mindfulness retreats are also a wonderful way to travel with friends and loved ones. You get to share an experience with someone you care about deeply while challenging yourself to step out of old patterns and grow into new ones.
Q: What if I am a beginner?
 A: It doesn’t matter. Whether you’re a seasoned yogi/meditator or a beginner, our retreats are designed to accommodate you. We work with all levels of practitioners. The focus is not on proving your flexibility or expertise but taking advantage of all that the retreat has to offer: yoga, wellness, and travel. The most important thing is that you come with an open mind so that you can deepen your yoga practice and have a desire for introspection and expanded awareness.
Q: What types of retreats do you offer?
A: Jayalila Retreats specializes in mindfulness-based yoga suitable for anyone who practices or who has never practiced and wants to learn.  We partner with high quality, eco-friendly, and culturally rich locations that lend themselves to unplugging, pursuing an organic lifestyle, and enjoying holistic health treatments like massage and bodywork, Reiki, or Ayurvetic treatments. We have something for everyone! Come join us in Italy, Mexico, Guatemala, or Costa Rica. Or join us in Tobago.
Q: What should I bring?
 A: Though a credit card and passport are the only absolute necessities, we have found these additional items to be useful:
•    A good inspirational book or something comparable for down time at the venue site
•    A journal for writing down your thoughts and processing your experience
•    A refillable water bottle
•    Appropriate clothing for the country/weather
•    A few changes of yoga wear, as we practice twice a day
•    Personal yoga towel
our center will provide mats/props
•    Good walking shoes for hikes or sightseeing (sandals for beach destinations)
•    Sunscreen and insect repellent
•    Three checks
in case you make a mistake on one or change your mind when buying something

Q: How do I book my retreat?

A: First, click the inquire about our retreats button. Second, I will send you an email inviting you to pay for your deposit and secure your spot. In this email will be a link through which you can make your deposit for that retreat.
Q: When should I book?
A: Book early! Give yourself plenty of time, ensuring the best price on air travel and your choice of a room that best suits you.
The women’s January retreat usually fills up the day it is announced in March.  I would suggest emailing me to get on the Jayalila Retreats mailing list so you can receive specials and incentive offers. Again, book early! You don’t want to miss out!
Q: After I book a retreat, what happens?
A: After booking the retreat, if transportation is not included, you’re going to want to look into flights to and from the suggested airport. I will recommend a specific airport as well as options for ground transportation for when you’ve landed, providing you a price range for group transfers that are optional. We will stay in touch via email at least monthly before the retreat and then weekly as we get closer to the retreat week.
Q: What is the cancellation or return policy for retreat booking?
A: Our trips have specific cancellation and refund terms, as most of them require commitments to the retreat center and international booking. Be sure to read the terms of service for each retreat. 

Q: What if the retreat price is listed in some other currency?
A: All Jayalila Retreats will be listed in U.S. dollars.
Q: What credit cards do you accept?
A: Jayalila Retreats accepts Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.
Q: How do retreats get priced?

A: All of the retreat prices include lodging, most meals, a massage or healing treatment, and yoga twice daily. All Retreats have extra activities for all people to participate in as well.  After you make your deposit, you can pay the balance in monthly installments.

On retreat, you never know just what will happen. The learning is in trusting your inner place of knowing and remembering that a journey starts when you sign up.