We all have within us an inner knowing, a intuitive felt sense, and a connection to all that is alive.  Our  yoga and mindfulness teaching is for everyone and anyone who wants to explore their inner landscape, listen to themselves, and has a desire to be curious.  Our  intention is to act as a witness, guide, and supporter of your informed intentions. Phoenix Rising Inspired classes take place at ValleyGlowYoga in Waitsfield, VT.

Valley Glow Yoga

Come and be a part of celebrating a new and vibrant group of yoga teachers and classes.

Come to Yoga as Medicine Sundays at Valley Glow -  Yoga 9-10:15 am

New Weeklong Retreat in Mad River Valley, Vermont, July 14-20, 7 a.m. and 7 p.m daily, only 7 students!

New Yearlong Series, Living Your Yoga, Begins First Friday of the Month, September 6, 4-6, p.m. 

Individual Yoga

When you work with me, you can expect four components to each session:

  1. You will set an intention for our work together, I will help support your vision for yourself in this process.

  2. We will craft a personal commitment to some form of daily meditation practice that is suitable to your life. I will help teach meditation for beginners.

  3. With your guidance, we will integrate some movement into each session to retune the body with the mind. I can also teach a individual yoga class for beginners. Together we will decide this practice each time.

  4. I will be a witness to your mind and mindset. As an observer, supporter and facilitator, I will help you tune in to what is wanted and needed in your life. Through embodying your awareness, you will come to accept certain things in your life, and also come to find that change is wanted and needed. You will form an action plan that is clear and in line with your intentions.


We will commit to a time each week for a minimum of 6 weeks.  Our sessions will be one and half hours long. Please review the cancellation policy for individual sessions, as the practice of showing up for oneself and one another is part of the discipline involved in personal change.

My Credentials
Being a mind body counselor has been a calling for a long time.  A combination of self study, passion, and curiosity has led me intentionally to a place of helping others find theirs . While my resume will offer you my traditional western schooling, and 30 plus years of experiences in the field of self discovery, what has been most influential to my work is my meditation and life practices that promote higher levels of curiosity and intuition.  Simply put, our unfolding awarenesses, help us find what is getting in the way of our happiness and  promotes health and well being. We all have a inner guide that we can tap into to reach our greatest potential.

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